For the OLD Furts....remember?

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Feb 17, 2010
Lakeview, AR
Getting nostalgic
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All true Mr. Wint. I was my dad's channel changer but we only had 2 channels. I remember the doctor smoking in the office when you went in for an exam. Also, smoking was allowed in theaters.
Our first TV was a 12inch round screen Zenith. I was very sick with a BAD case of measles and had to stay in a darkened room SOOO I got Dad's new TV. Not much for kids then and broadcasting did not start until afternoon but it was a marvel nonetheless. Then Dad got suckered into a "color" filter to turn our B&W TV into "Glorious Color TV" was a 3-color plastic filter. Top band was blue (sky) middle band a neutral amber, and a botton green band (grass). Then someone told Dad that a nylon Stocking taped over the screen would convert the light coming out of the screen into color as it passed through the little holes, BUT you had to be at the exact correct distance and slowly move your head from side to side. Can still see him trying and Mom lost a lot of stockings
I still use a reel mower today. No fuel, no oil, and I don't wake the neighbours on a Saturday morning. Pity I'm the only one in my neck of the woods that has one.
Pushed that reel mower several hundred miles. Dad would not allow HIS grass to be ripped by a power mower, it had to be Scissored Gently by the reel. Remember that back WOODEN roller?
Could I just point out that it was the invention of the grass mower was behind the development of almost all todays games football (all codes) tennis cricket/baseball would not be possible without that humble instrument.
I remember riding on the cross bar of my Dad's mower as a small boy, and later, when I was a bit older, struggling to use the thing properly, to get nice, variated lines on the lawn. It was a large, heavy, chain-driven Ransomes, with the same type of rotating blades, but it had a large, and very heavy, steel roller on the rear.
I can still hear the sound of the blades, and smell the sweet perfume of the freshly cut grass, in the days when we had long, hot summers, ice cream could be had from a horse-drawn ice cream 'wagon', and telephones were found in red, cast-iron 'Phone Boxes' !
Yep...used to cover textbooks with grocery bags, but who all here recalls wrapping packages with grocery bags - and then tying string around it, too?

When Mom was preparing a package to send, she always called me to come help - I had the very important job of pressing my finger into the center of her knot so it would remain tight as she finished tying it!
Wow! You guys ARE old! How many miles per hour could you get those Wolly Mammoths to go before you invented the wheel?
You little bastards would have never made it back in my day...nosir...not at all!!

By the way, we rode Veloceraptors to school...the mammoths came later...

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