forgot the name of it >.<

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Airman 1st Class
Dec 20, 2004
Im new here, so i dont think anyone will know me here.
but i have a question.

i need to know the real/full name of a german aircraft.
its the first plane in only wing design (u know, no fuselage) it has 2 jet engines, and in IL-2 FB with the ace expansion pack its called something like the Go-... , and in the game it has explosive bullets ^.^
its has a 3 wheel gear, with a very big frontwheel (if you look at the 3 wheels, the front one is twice as big.)

hope someone knows this one.

greets Tim

w00t ^.^ thx m8
i can play it, but also i can tell that IL-2 FB +AEP +PF is alot better.
cuz you can choose much more planes, and damage looks and handles much more realistic ;)
Medvedya said:
Isn't that against the rules, knowing what your gifts will be before the 25th?

I should hope not, mum gave me her credit card and said "I dont have a clue what to get you for Xmas so you can spend £100 on Amazon and ill buy you a couple of other things nearer the time" :lol:
kiwimac said:
EAW is good!


Indeed! :D

Do you play it? Used to play?

Do you know what is possible yet???!!! ...Almost everything, and not bullshitting you! Even the Martian Air War. :lol:

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