Frances bombers massacre 24 October 1944

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Oct 14, 2020
On this date VC-27 claimed seven Frances bombers destroyed. and others damaged There was a combined IJNAF/IJAAF unit the "Tkōgeki Butai" which had Frances and Betty bombers and Peggy bombers too.

"The Tkōgeki Butai consists of Naval Air Squadrons (Hikotai) land-based bomber units K262 (G4M2Aa or Ab Rikko), K501 (P1Y Ginga), K703 (G4M2 Rikko and P1Y Ginga), and K708, reconnaissance unit T1 (C6N1 Saiun), fighter unit S303 (A6M5c), plus IJAAF Sentais 7 and 98 (both with Ki-67 Hiryu "Peggy" bombers) directly subordinate to 762nd NAG. The 762nd NAG's two major types of aircraft are the older Mitsubishi G4M Rikko ("Betty") Navy bombers and the new Yokosuka P1Y Ginga (Milky Way)("Frances") twin-engine Navy bombers."

From my meagre sources this unit did not suffer this level of damage but I haven't found much. Was there another "Ginga" unit in action on this date?


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