Japanese Twin-engine bombers shot down 24 October 1944

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Oct 14, 2020
On this date FM-2 squadrons shot down (or claimed) thirty-one twin engine bombers. All but one were IJAAF. Fourteen were identified as "Sally" and sixteen as "Lilly". The thirty-first although it is identified as a "Betty" is also a "Sally". Can anyone identify the Japanese units engaged?

VC-3 claim twelve Ki-48 destroyed at least, and even if this translates (as most WW2 engagements) to four or five it is still a significant loss. Likewise VF-26 which claims seven (Sally/Betty) bombers. VC-10 contribute at least four Sally and three Lily bombers to this tally. Six more bombers are claimed as probables and one as as a humble damaged.

To quote an Australian friend "Starve the Lizards!".

Fifteen Ki-48 and thirteen Ki-21 in the CAP area of these CVEs is a substantial record of destruction. If we appreciate the thirty-six confirmed/probables is actually about twelve to fifteen it's still pretty impressive. Not for the IJAAF you understand. Assuming there were several bombers that returned damaged it might raise the claim rate. If we include ships AAA claims? Blimey!!

However. Which Japanese units were in action?

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