'Fusion Man' crosses English Channel.

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    ITN London News has reported that the Swiss airline pilot, known as 'Fusion Man', has successefully crossed the Channel from Calais to Dover this afternoon. National Geographic Live screened the flight, as the pilot exited from a Piltaus Turbo Porter over the French coast, went into freefall before deploying his wing, then climbed and turned under jet-power, heading across the Channel. The flight took less than ten minutes, and following a safe parachute descent and landing, the pilot was mobbed by the waiting crowd, before being escorted safely away by Police.
    Good video clip of the exit, air to air of part of the flight, and ground to air of the landing, on National Geographic Live.
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    Yeap here is a story about it and pics.

    Swiss man flies over Channel on jet wing
    By DAVID STRINGER, Associated Press Writer

    DOVER, England - A Swiss daredevil crossed the English Channel strapped to a homemade jet-propelled wing Friday, parachuting into a field near the white cliffs of Dover after a 10-minute solo flight.

    Yves Rossy leapt from a plane at more than 8,800 feet (2,500 meters), fired up his jets and made the 22-mile (35-kilometer ) trip from Calais in France. Rossy passed over a thin strip of land in front of South Foreland lighthouse, looped over onlookers and opened his parachute, his wings still strapped to his back.

    "It was perfect. Blue sky, sunny, no clouds, perfect conditions," he said. "We prepared everything and it was great."

    The trip across the Channel is meant to trace the route of French aviator Louis Bleriot, the first person to cross in an airplane 99 years ago.

    The lighthouse was the site of Guglielmo Marconi's experiments with radio telegraphy in 1898. Bleriot used the white building as a target during his pioneering flight, the building's manager, Simon Ovenden, said.

    Several hundred spectators rushed to greet the pilot, trying to take photographs with cameras and cell phones.

    "It's a remarkable achievement, we saw the climax of his attempt as he came down to earth with his parachute. It's been an exciting afternoon," said Geoff Clark, a 54-year-old onlooker from Chatham, in Kent.

    The carbon composite-wing weighs about 121 pounds (55 kilograms) when loaded with fuel, and carried four kerosene-burning jet turbines that kept him aloft. The wing had no steering devices — Rossy moved his body to control its movements.

    He wore a heat-resistant suit similar to that worn by firefighters and racing drivers to protect him from the heat of the turbines. The cooling effect of the wind and high altitude also prevented him from getting too hot.

    Mark Dale, the senior technical officer for the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, described Rossy's flight as a "fabulous stunt."

    Swiss man flies over Channel on jet wing - Yahoo! News

    Here is a video.

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