GB-56 1/48 P-47D-30RA - Thunderbolts and Lightnings.

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I think you should have gone to Specsavers - or just adjust your monitor screen !
But seriously, to double check, what do these colours, on the Eagle Strike leaflet, look like on your screens ?
They should be very light blue, and mid blue, the latter being very slightly darker on the actual decals, to which the paint has been matched.

P-47 build 3. 001.jpg
The nose band, cowl flaps, wing tips and tail bands have been brush painted, the colours being mixed to match the Eagle Strike decals.
Once fully dry, these areas will be masked to the required dimensions and the O.D. anti-glare panel will be painted.
When all that's done, and masked, the wing pylons can be fitted, along with a scratch-built drop tank / bomb shackle under the fuselage, and the NMF sprayed, again using the Revell No.90 "Silver" enamel.
I'm a bit too stiff, with swollen wrists, knees and ankles at the moment, so I'll get this done when I'm a bit more comfortable, hopefully tomorrow.

View attachment 704866
Has to be that Mancunian light or he got sooty raindrops in the paint.
Thanks chaps. Darned strange that the paint looks Blurple, but the profile looks correct. They both look blue on my monitor, and to the naked eye, with the model paint looking the same on the monitor as it does on the model.

Hoping to get the areas masked, and the OD painted later this evening, if the stiffness in my hands and wrists eases a bit more.
How very strange !
Any chance someone can copy the pic from their monitor, and post in this thread ?
I've checked the settings for my monitor, and they're fine, with the colours shown matching the model and the decals.
Thanks Karl.
On my monitor, the colours look fairly close to the original pic, perhaps a tiny touch darker, but certainly not Blurple.
If viewing on an I phone, it may be that the contrast is altering the shades - enlarging / zooming in on the blue may show the colours better.

Anyway, I've got a bit more done, but my hands aren't up to the job of precise masking at the moment, so the OD panels and the nose ring masking etc will have to wait, and hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.
Rather than use the kit decals, for the same reason I won't use the decal stripes, the red "No Step" areas on the flaps have been painted, and will be masked before spraying the NMF. I have some black "No Step" lettering decals which will be added later, once the model is painted and the relevant areas gloss coated.
Meanwhile, the under-wing pylons have been assembled and attached, and the sway braces will be added later in the build.
As the model is to be displayed without bombs or drop tanks, the locating pins for these ( which were not present on the real aircraft) have been removed, and the area sanded flush, leaving a fair representation of the bomb shackle beam.
There are strakes beneath the wings where the pylons go, and these needed to be removed to allow the pylons to sit flush with the wing surface, a job that was a bit of a PITA and time consuming, as it had to be done carefully in order to avoid damage to the surrounding area.
I still have to make and fit a shackle beam for the underside of the fuselage, and again, I hope to get this done tomorrow.

Thanks again for looking in, and I'll post another up-date when I make more progress.

P-47 build 3 118.JPG
P-47 build 3 111.JPG
P-47 build 3 112.JPG
P-47 build 3 113.JPG
P-47 build 3 114.JPG
Thanks Vic.
Getting a bit frustrated, as I can't achieve the hoped for progress, due to pain and stiffness in my hands and wrists, but I'm getting there.
Doin' a good job there Terry....

Must agree with the others, on my screen you have 2 lovely shades of purplish colours, a lavender and Bluish Purple while your decals look exactly as you describe the 2 blues....

Purple has been a pet colour of mine of late, in creating valve boxes in Reclaimed Water Rich Purple colour from a base Light to medium blue recycled material.
It has not been an easy journey when your blue batch lots are different from one to the next....enough said..!
Thanks chaps.
Still darned strange that the colours look fine on my monitor, but different on others !

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