GB57 Now Ends June 18

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Nov 16, 2008
Two week warning guys. June 4 is the scheduled end date for this GB unless someone screams for a max 2 week extension. This time around, we have a whopping 33 entries and just half (17) have been completed. I'm not gonna chase those who aren't done - if your interest is still in finishing then I'm sure you'll either get on with it and finish on time or ask for a a few more days. Those who remain silent will have to live with whatever finish date we agree on and be relegated to ignominy! (had to look up that last word)
In the stocks with you my man, in the stocks.
The stocks.jpg

I won't finish the Stuka I'm afraid. I have lost my mojo for modelling in general but for this kit in particular. Maybe a zombie? Sorry folks 😟
Just to capture it here, I'm likely to run a few days long on my Mustang though I hope to make a summit push on Sunday. More likely it'll be Tuesday or Wednesday before I get the finished pics up.
To benefit all, I'd suggest a maximum extension to Sunday, 18th June.
It would be a shame if some entries, close to completion, could not be judged for the sake of a relatively short extra time period.

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