GB57 - 1/48 N.A. Mustang Mk1, RAF - WW2 Foreign Service.

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It's looking very unlikely that I'll get this done during the course of this GB.
Apart from lack of articulation in my hands, plus general pain and tiredness which are preventing me from modelling, there are a few other things requiring my time at the moment.
However, I'm hoping to get to work on this in a couple or three weeks, hands permitting, and I have a new book on pre-order, covering RAF Allison Mustangs which should help, so I'll probably move this to the "Start to Finish Builds" thread at the appropriate time.

Mustang RAF book.jpg
Do like I used to do winter time sign painting!
Warm gloves, cut the thumb and index fingers off.
BAM, kinda better comfort........ just sayin.
But you are right, hoping the nurse is a looker!!!

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