Gladiator video clip

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Tech Sergeant
Apr 6, 2005
A snippet showing some nice biplanes of the pre-WW2 (ish) period. Sadly just a glimpse of the Hind.


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Lovely vid Roy, there's going to be another Glady in the sky not too long down the road it's restorations is coming on fine.
image from my peronel collection[/i]


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Im goner have to take a trip and see all those great beasts in action the Corsair looked really nice and I counted 5 spites and 3 tangs a P47 and alsorts of really gleaming warbirds even the old Lysander has been bulled up ready
Ive got some shots of the American museum wing guys (its a really tribute to the US flyboys from WW2 to the present) but Ill post them in a Duxford thread. This is all the info that was available on the Mossie,Mossie.
all images are from my own personel collection and may be used in the public domain


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Ive been thinking of getting one Roy but the choice is daunting so far Which magazine online seems to go for the Sony - HC30es as good value but without loosing the image quality and several write up's else where seem to agree have you (or any of you other guys) any thoughts. Roy Ideally I would like one with not less than a 15X optical Zoom and i have a limited budget of less tham £500
I'm going and in my party of 5 they'll be three digital cameras with 160 pictures per camera, and a video camera. :lol:
I am too Mossie, on me own Ill be the old prat with the Fleet air arm Tee Shirt or the Stringbag one. Two digital one EOS 35MM with 600mm lens and one 35mm compact.

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