Google Earth captures a warbird flying around

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
Go to Google earth and fly to this Latitude/Longitude

52 20 10.87N 0 11 43.34W

Zoom in and look what the satellite caught in flight!
Here you go, Kiwi


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Here's another cool one. This is the museum where I volunteer. The bird in front of the 2 hangars is the C-46 Command. You can also see a B-25 in the upper left and 2 SNJs just to the right of the B-25, with a Broussard in between them. In the second row on the right you can spot a Long-EZ.


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i've seen that before when i tried to play a video of the lanc, someone said i need google earth, i downloaded it, then when i clicked the link for it it just kept taking me back to that...........
That's awesome! I've seen some flying planes around busy airports and occasionally at a US air force bases on google. Crazy!
syscom3 said:
Van Nuys airport?

I thought more people would be able to indentify this. This is a easy quiz!

You are correct, this located at Van Nuys Airport. But can you indentify what aircraft and aircraft group we are looking at in this picture?



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