Got This Card Last Week From a Mate

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Oct 17, 2006
Brisbane Queensland
I was given this card last week prior to ANZAC Day. It displays a painting of a group of men who served in 460 RAAF Squadron RAAF. The History of the painting by Stella Bowen who was employed by the Australian Government during the War to make sketches of various war time scenes and places. She had sketched this crew from 460 Squadron RAAF. Crew was of 6 Australians and 1 Englishman. After the sketch the Crew was listed m
Missing in Action and failed to return from a mission feared Killed in Action etc. The painting shows the men wearing flight equipment and vests. Unfortunately the card I receives is no larger then a playing card. Hope you can make out the details


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    460 RAAF Squadron Crew 1944. Stella Bowen Painting.JPG
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I love that painting - a real tribute to the men that she got to know in their rest periods. I've attached a larger version (hope that's OK Emac)


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yep a very famous pic, IIRC the artist had to finish the painting using photo's of the men as 6 out of the 7 were killed on their very next op. I believe Lynch (at rear) was the survivor.
Yes, Lynch survived. There are photos of the crew in the flying gear here:

Lanc Crew
That must have been terrible waking up wounded, and knowing your buddies are all dead.

Welch, that is war I suppose. My father told me many years ago in the barracks they the crews would move from one part of the barracks to another when other crews failed to return on missions from night before etc. They knew full well if same happened to them other crews would do the same. Such was life and death in a Bomber Squadron during WW2 Welch

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