Greetings from a wet and windy NW England

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Tim B

Oct 28, 2006
Cool site. Just found you today and look forward to some interesting browsing (probably from my desk when I get back to work....don't tell the boss!)

Here's an opening offering:


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hey tim welcome to the site. a newbie myself as well. tell the boss its important for you to do research or anything or get him/her interested in the site may help. by the way share some of that rain we could use it here at moment. dry as a cameleers jock strap at moment where i am
Hallo Tim B !!!
Nice to read you there.Stay with us and enjoy.The boss doesn't have to know.:lol:
Greetings from Poland.
Hello Tim, hey send some of that "wet" down under, like Emac44 in Queensland our part of Aussie is pretty dry down here too. New level of water restriction just started....oh for some rain!!

Best Regards Wayne.... Hot and Dry South Australia...

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