HA-1112 'Buchon' from the 1969 movie "Battle of Britain"

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Colin L

Nov 27, 2016
This is the 1/48 Academy/Hobbycraft HA-1112 as used as 'Falke's' chevron marked aircraft in the movie "Battle of Britain"
There was a large number of modifications, changes, and parts substitutions to get to this point, such as a spare canopy from an Eduards kit, narrowing the fuselage by .040", sculpting rocker covers from epoxy, extending the lower engine fairing by 1/2 an inch and redoing corrected vents, detailing gear and wells, new cockpit, turning 2 new spinners on a home made lathe (for a 3 bladed and a 4 bladed props - the flying aircraft had 4 blades, the static aircraft had 3 blades with different spinner profiles) etc.
Paints are Tamiya acrylic, and the decals are from spares.
image 1.jpg
image 5.jpg
image 5 b.jpg
image 8.jpg
image 7.jpg
image 10.jpg
image 11.jpg
image 11 b.jpg
image 12.jpg
image 13.jpg
cockpit 1.jpg
image 1.jpg
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Nice work.
I built one a few years back, and I'm almost ready to start doing another, this time the currently airworthy two-seat example, with its custom-made canopies replacing the "blown" hood, as a present for a friend who flew it a couple of years ago.
It'll be cross-kitted using Academy Buchon and Fuji Me-109K kits.

Buchon 2 seat.jpg

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