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Apr 9, 2006
Hey all im new to this site..looks great.I have a college project to do and i chose WWII airplanes.Any thing that you can post or give links to,that would be great. I have a few questions..
#1-what are some things that improved on airplanes between WW1 and WW2?
#2-what was/is the best WW2 airplane as fighting and bombers?
#3-what did they serve a purpose in WW2?
Any other things you can think of to get me started on a 8-10min presentation for WW2 airplanes would be woudnerful.And if you have any internet sites that have info,thad be great.
Welcome to the Forum

#1, Aircraft have become Faster, more versatile and were made of aluminum alloys. they have faster they can probably fly longer distances quickly and thus may probably be more economic, planes also became alot safer due to the enclosed canopy and more durable construction, and they can fly at higher altitudes above the weather to make a more comfortable ride, and they also carry heavier loads, and can fly in almost any weather. so many things have improved from WWI i can't mention all of them

#2, we are still discussing what is the best WWII fighter/bomber

#3 They served many purposes, ground support aircraft destroyed targets such as artillery positions, tanks, etc, in order to help the troops advance,
Strategic Bombers bombed cities, factories where they make weapons and vehicles, oil fields, power plants... Reconaissance aircraft are there to mark the key targets that must be destroyed
And fighters and interceptors are there to destroy the enemy planes that will do the things i just mentioned

we have a picture album here
where you can get some pics...

btw... make sure you look at the right sources and not just some biased crap that they copied from someone else's site.book
#1 I would say the three most important technological developements were engine turbo and supercharging. Also the development of reliable breathing masks and air supply systems was important. But I would say the invention of instruments to allow "blind" flying was the single most important invention.

#2 We are still discussing (and arguing on occasion) this ascpect.

#3 Besides what Looma wrote, I'd include dropping atomic bombs that ended the Japanese desire to fight to the end.
#1 Radar interception. This is good or bad, depending on which side of the interception you were on. Superchargers. Of course. Greatly increased the speed at which the air war was fought. And breathing instruments.
#2 I, personally, would say the Tempest. But as the others have stated, yes we are still debating (ie viciously, drunkedly fighting in a corner) about that.
#3 Exactly what the others have sed. They are there to provide support for advancing troops, and then come back and wipe out whats left.
#1 The jet engine.At the end of The WWII in German and Great Britain the new aircrafts appeared.It was the new step for the future.
#2 It is very hard to pick something up
#3 as Loomaluftwaffe has said.
thanks guys.

"Very clever getting us to do your homework for you"

haha,ya i needed some more info on this subject.Its a good subject.

Does anyone know another topic I can write about to give me more presentation time?
Instead of opening an entirely new thread that will serve the sole interest of boosting your sloth, you ought try clicking through the aviation section of the forum for all the topics on your list have been thoroughly widely discussed for a long time now.

I am tired of these school individuals opening threads to let us know they "have a college project" and that "they need help". I suggest moderators lock similar threads in the near future, this one included.
Do a project on the Horton brothers and their projects.:lol: :lol: :lol:

I never had a computer or the net when I did homework like this or a oral for school, the library were my info station and that were the only thing I would get, now it is even easier, just ask on the net and someone will give you the ideas and maybe the whole thing. Lucky sun of a guns.

I wished I knew about them when I was at school, then I would have scored points for something never heard of by the idiots that were in my class.

Just make sure you have the right facts and not bull like earlier said, that can make or break your project.

The valid point that Udet was referring to was centered around research...
you ought try clicking through the aviation section of the forum for all the topics on your list have been thoroughly widely discussed for a long time now.
If Ori was to spend a few minutes browsing and searching, he would have had all the answers, as well as a couple new questions...

Kids these days are always looking for an easy way, and there was only one way for us back in the day....

And then again:
If Udet doesnt want to answer the questions, he should not read it in the first place.
I agree with u 100%....
What other broad subject(point) of the importance of ww2 airplanes do you think I could do? Iv researched on here,those 3 questions i asked earlier and found info on them.
Ori said:
What other broad subject(point) of the importance of ww2 airplanes do you think I could do? Iv researched on here,those 3 questions i asked earlier and found info on them.
Norden bombsight, H2S radar, Early Jets, and the top aces of each country.....
syscom3 said:
Keep asking questions. Udet speaks for himself and not for me.

If Udet doesnt want to answer the questions, he should not read it in the first place.

I agree with this and with Lesofperimus.The forum is not only for answers but also for questions.If we could help we should replay to the somebody's questions.
You could try to show how innovations interchanged and forced new innovations in respond.
The introduction of proper tactics and deployment made interceptions easier
Bombers either switched to (A) nighttime or used different routes or even had escorts (B)
(A) - Ground Radar - operators enabled the defenders to intercept during night
(B) - A part of the interceptors had special dogfighter tasks while the other entirely kept on the escorts
-someone discovered how to jam radars
- someone invented a more sophisticated airborne radar with basic anti-jam
- political bombing (against citys) developed strategical bombing (against plants and oil industries)
Dispersal programs, long range fighter sweeps and escorts, early jets, rocketry, finally the nuke....
This complex interchange accelerated the technical development by almost two decades. A shame that the ethics didn´t developed that quickly...
Ori, one of the other offshoots of the US war effort in building up the air force, was the construction of hundreds of airfields. Many of them were handed over to civil authorities after the war, and became the nucleus of our present air transport system.

Also, the first use of helicopters in the "medevac" role was in Burma. This began a revolution of sorts in medical care for wounded soldiers (and now civilians)
here's a top list of aces in every country

***copied and edited from another thread

Name-------------------------------Country Kills
erich hartmann---------------------germany 352 kills
eino juutilainen-----------------------finland 94 kills
hiroyoshi nishizawa------------------japan 87 kills killed 26th october 1944

ivan kozhedub-----------------------russia 62 kills
prince constantine cantacuzenne-----romania 60 kills
marmaduke *pat* pattle---------south africa 51 kills killed in action 20/4/41

richard bong-----------------------------USA 40 kills
mato dukovac------------------------croatian 40 kills
james johnson-----------------------------UK 38 kills
deszo szentgyiorgyi-------------------hungary 34 kills
jan rezoak----------------------------slovakia 32 kills
george beurling------------------------canada 31 kills
clive caldwell-------------------------australia 29 kills
colin gray------------------------new zealand 28 kills
adriano visconti--------------------------italy 26 kills killed 29th april 1945

marcel albert---------------------------france 23 kills
stanislaw skalski------------------------poland 22 kills
karel kuttelwascher------------czechoslovakia 18 kills
svein heglund--------------------------norway 15 kills
li kwei-tan-------------------------------china 12 kills
kaj birksted---------------------------denmark 11 kills
yvan georges du monceau de bergandel--belgium 8 kills
cudomir toplodolski----------------------bulgaria 8 kills
South Africa kicks ass on that list:lol: , 51 kills is even better than the US and UK, wow I never knew we had so many kills for one pilot but, dam Erich Hartmann really did not take any shit when he went into combat.

aces already get a lot of focus, parhaps he should do something less heard of, like sys suggested focus more on the airfields or something like the development of electronic warfare.........

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