Hawker Hunter canopy Mechanism??

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Oct 17, 2005
I have recently been involved in trying to get into the cockpit of a Hunter that has stood out in the open for maybe 12 yrs or so.Unfortunatelt the mechanism that winds back the hood had become siezed.Having studied it at length,we think that the rod that rotates through the back of the seat and must drive 2 sprockets on the rail under the hood runners has become fast,and having disconnected the drive chain that was the link to the electric motor everything is still fast(We finally got into it by gently forcing the hood to jump the drive cogs but this is of course an unsatisfactory position,she will never fly again but is being preserved to stand somewhere she can be appreciated)
Does anyone have any ideas as to how it is constructed under the runners,we presume that a bearing has siezed both sides possibly,but we cant be sure,dont even know if there are any,but there must be.Our best bet is to try and remove the gears /sprockets and then she can slide freely.Any help would be much appreciated
You have probably tried this but on the left of the Cockpit is the electronic switch that allows the cockpit to be opended and closed. The manual clutch lever is above the electronic switch which when moved to 'FREE'. declutches the actuator, locks the switch to 'OFF' and enables you to move the hood by hand.

Hope this helps and I wish you luck
Thanks for your comments,we managed to release the cockpit rails after a struggle and removed the hood and rails together,allowing us a good view of the gear wheels sitting under the rail.Seized solid and not going to budge but we have sorted it now.
Here she is!!!


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