He111 PF+UQ - Gen. Feldmarschall von Brauschitsch

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    I'm new to this forum, folks, and am hoping someone may be able to help me. I have seen a photograph in Luftwaffe Camouglage Markings, Vol.2 1935-45 (Kookaburra) - a publication from 1976 - which shown the above-mentioned Generalfeldmarschall boarding his He111 transport aircraft (page 135), apparently an He111F sub-type.

    I'm trying to determine the engine cowling and fuselage window arrangement detail, prior to making a model of the same machine. I recently saw a photo of what I believe to be the same aircraft, which shows that it had a 'solid' nose cap but the photo is slightly blurred, and I can't make out the air intake detail on the right side of the cowlings (if indeed the intake was on that side). Was this intake likely to be of the long or short variety, or would it have been positioned on the left side of the cowling instead...? I have read information on the engine type for the F version but I'm a little confused about what engine it actually used. I do know that this machine has a prominent intake on the top of the cowling, as I have seen this on the photo in the above book. Also, would this military transport have had the fuselage equipped with the full 'airliner' set of windows, or would they have conformed to the reduced military arrangement...? Any photos of either area of this version of the aircraft would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance... :)

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