Heinkel He 111J

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Jan 1, 2006
What was the max. speed?
What was the range?
What was the weight empty?
What was the armament?
What was the bomb load?


Well here is all that could muster up about the He-111J

He-111J-0 was powered by 2 DB-600CG and was intended as a torpedo bomber.

He-111J-1 was essentially the same but used as a bomber and had a bomb load of of 5600lb and 90 were built.
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I've found the another info on He111J-1 :
At the beginning of the 1938 the Heinkel factory was asked to build a torpedo bomber variant of He111.The He111J ,equipped with DB 600CG 699kW(950hp) engines,was produced simultaneously with He111F-4.However,The Luftwaffe resigned from J-1 as a torpedo bomber and all of 90 (the other source states 80) produced aircrafts were rebuilt into bombers equipped with ESAC 250.
the additional info:
max speed 415 km/h (257.9MPH) at 5000m
max weight 10600 kg
range 1500 km
bomb load 2000 kg
armament 3* MG15 7.9mmm machine guns, two 765 kg LT F5b torpedoes or 2000 kg of sea mines
One of He111J-1 was fitted with four-bladed propellers for testing purposes.
Other specifications were the same as for the earlier He111F.

there a link to two photos of He111J-1

He111J-1 with four-bladed propeller- source unknown.


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Wow! Thanks Wurger. What's ESAC 250?


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The ESAC 250/IX cartridge was a device for dropping bombs.He111 standard bomber was equipped with eight ESAC 250 in its internal bomb bay.Certainly, ESAC 250 is an abbrreviation and it stands for (in German) Elektrische-Senkrecht-Aufhangung fur Cylinderbomben 250/IX, in English - an electric activated vertical bomb rack system mark IX for cylindrical bombs up to 250 kg.
It was possible to load into the cartridge one 250 kg bomb or 4*50 kg using an adaptor or four adaptors Gr4 C10/VII with 16 bombs 10kg in each of them.Besides, ESAC 250 was adapted for loading four containers BSK-36 for one kilogram incendiary bombs B1EI.Each of them contained 36 bombs.

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Pisis said:
I thought He 111 was equipped with 2x Jumo 211 engines... Maybe some other versions...:dontknow:

You are right, the well-known versions of the He111 were equipped with Jumo 211 engines.However, at the beginning of the 1938 when He 111 J sterted producing simultaneously with He111 F-4 version The Heinkel factory had at disposal some number of the DB600CG engines and decided to use them with the version of He111.There You are other versions of Heinkel 111 and their power plants.

He111A-0 BMW VI 660hp
He111B-2 DB600CG 950 hp
He111C (the serie of six passenger aircrafts)BMW VI 6,02 660hp
He111D-0 DB600Ga 1050hp
He111E-5 Jumo 211A-1 1010hp
He111F-4 Jumo 211A-3 1100hp
He111J-1 DB600CG 950hp
He111P-1/P-2 DB601A-1 1100hp
He111H-1 Jumo211A-1 1010hp
He111G-3 (He111L) two prototypes BMW 132,the first BMW 132Dc 880 hp, the second BMW 132H-1 870hp,the third DB600G 900hp
He111G-5(the serie of four planes for Turkey) BD600Ga

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Okay, interesting. Don't think I knew about the He-111J but then I rarely take notice of version numbers on bombers.

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