Hello from Franklin County Pennsylvania

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I like history. That being World War II, the Vietnam War and the Civil War especially. I live in an area which is rich in the history of the Civil War. I am only 25 minutes from Gettysburg and about 45 minutes from Sharpsburg, Maryland. (Antietam creek) I enjoy a good book on the Pacific and European theater’s of World War II. My father was a captain in the 29th Infantry Division during the war. I collect die cast models, race cars, tractors and I have one of the Franklin Mint USS Missouri (BB-63) made in China by craftsmen. That one I bought from the daughter of a man who served on her, was a plank owner and was still on her at the surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945 in Tokyo Bay. I have built all makes of plastic models, mostly ships and aircraft, since around 1957. Right now I am waiting for a part for the 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair to be mailed to me from their customer service. I must have lost it or it was never in the plastic bag with the sprue. I have the parts painted and can start assembling it once the part arrives. I am not what would be considered a master modeler, far from it. I just have fun. I can wait as I am in no big hurry. Just me and my wife for 53 years, and now also a chihuahua.

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