Hello from Houston

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Jan 18, 2007
Houston Tx
Ive been reading posts for awhile, Decided I like the site so now Im introducing myself. Name is john I live in houston tx. Am married for 15 yrs now have 2 kids. I have always been fascinated with WWII. My father served in the army air corp in WWII. I am not crystal clear on his job but i know he worked with b-17s,( he told me stories about test flights after repairs) and he had something to do with supplies. I never asked Him alot of questions because it made him sad he always started thinking about some of his friends he lost. I Love doing models mostly WWII stuff but will do an occasional modern jet. Ive been teaching my 8 yr old son the different airplanes and weapons. Everytime we see a picture he trys to guess what it is. ..anyhow Im rambling:oops: nice to be here and thanks for letting me talk. :)
thanks adler by the way i was around your way back in 1989 area. I was stationed at storck barracks in illesheim and my brother was stationed in kitzingen at the same time. Very beautiful country you have there!
Well I am an American-German. I am a US citizen but I was born and raised in Germany. I served in the Army as a Blackhawk Crewchief at Katterbach Army Airfield in Ansbach near Illesheim. We used to fly the 5 minute flight to Stork Barracks all the time. I just got out of the Army back in October and I am staying here until my wife is done with her College Studies.

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