Hello from Vermont USA!

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Hi All,

I am JG57_Rall The CO of Jagdgeschwader57. We are are Virtual Luftwaffe squadron that still uses Combat Flight Simulator I from Microsoft. Anyone still interested in CFS 1 or just curious is in vited to visit us at our website.

JG57 Website.

And if you are more interested in Allied aircraft visit our opponents website.

ACC Website

Okay thats my hello!

Now maybe someone can help me find some info on the Me-110. I need to know the convergence distances of the Me-110`s guns.

I have looked around the net and not found the answer. There are plenty of sites with specs for the 110 but none that I have visited have that info. Does anyone Know?


here's another JG57 pilot; my squad nickname is Oberst Tanzer and here are 2 samples of our aircraft.


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