Hello one and all

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Nov 23, 2006
Hello folks,

Stumbled across this site/forum yesterday while looking for some other aviation material. Had a read through a few topics and had a good laugh at the banter that was flying around, so I thought I'd sign up and see how I get on with you likeminded aviation fans 8)

Name's Rob BTW.... been into aviation since I can remember, first thing I ever remember buying with my own pocket money was a diecast Spitfire by Matchbox (anyone else remember that series of toys?), still buy every aviation book I see (first ever serious book was about the Battle of Britain way back in the late 1970's, and a subject still very dear to my heart), into the old flight sims since early 1980's (both combat civil, first ones being "A.C.E.", "Spitfire '40", "Fighter Pilot" and "Strike Force Harrier" on the old Sinclair Spectrum :lol: ), have more aircraft model kits in storage than I dare to think about, let alone the ones I've made over the past 30yrs :)
And on top of that, I also dabble in the odd bit of aviation artwork as a freelance artist (traditional brush paint stuff mostly) when I'm not working for a local printing firm as a graphic artist/designer and working the litho and digital printing machines.

Anyways, look forward to meeting you all in the various forums and joining in with various in-depth and the odd inane conversation now and again!

it's the duty of every Brit to love the Commonwealth... just so long as you stay on the scrap of land we gave you ;)
Thankyou, thankyou 8)

A penguin is driving along in a truck when the air-con suddenly stops working, luckily there's a mechanic nearby so he asks if he can have a look.

As the mechanic has a look at his truck he goes to a nearby pub to get a drink and cool himself off, because it's a hot day and he is after all a penguin and won't last too long without the air conditioning in his truck working.

He goes into the pub and gets some lemonade. doesn't cool him down very well. Has some more. Same thing. After 5 lemonades he notices they sell ice cream and gets some but because off his flippers he can't hold it properly and it goes all over him.

He goes back to his truck and asks what his problem is. The mechanic says "looks like you've blown a seal", the penguin says "nah, thats just ice cream".

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