Help ID Small Steel Prop Blade

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Nov 21, 2022
Blade seems to be hollow steel. Around 50" long. Lots of numbers on it but I can't find any information on them.

AC-41-126?51 The ? is possibly a 6 or 8, hard to read.
AC 19368
DWG NO F02208 D6
TT 81321
60 NT No N535


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Information received:

"With regard to the subject it would I think have been helpful to have a photograph of the underside of the blade base showing the numbering in true context. I wonder if there are some missing hyphens in the text.

Nevertheless, it seems to me this is a Curtiss blade for a prop of around 8ft 6ins diameter or thereabouts. My guess is a 2 blade prop for a trainer or similar.

As always, I hope this helps."

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