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I've discovered this site when I was looking for cockpit picture from the P-47D.
I only build aircraft models in 1/48th scale. My interest is very diverce but have a heart for Russian aircraft. Prop and jets.
You can see some of my models at our club website.

Kempense Modelbouw Klub

Hallo Huijghem !!!
Nice to welcome the next modeler.Look at the thread for modelers,please.It would be great to see some pics of your models there.:D
Hello and welcome to the site. I used to enjoy model airplanes years and years ago when a "stick model" kit cost a dime and was powered by a rubber band. I used to build Foker D-7's and P-40 Warhawks, my two favorites, and fly them until they crashed too many times and couldn't be fixed. Then I'd build another one.

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