Hitler Abduction Plot

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new to me too, i knew there were allot of plots to assasinate him though......

i also like the way the link has very little do to with the actual plot :lol:
There were plenty of plots to kill him. 27 I believe, if I recall correctly. But I know of no plot to kidnap him to England.
Okay let me rephrase that, there were 27 confirmed plots to kill him. To be honest I do not know where I got that from and as you said I can not confirm that either.
that makes more sence, like i said there must have been hundreds of underhand plots that were so secretive or never got far enough to be "confirmed", hell there may even be plots so secretive the governments haven't made them public yet.........
oh ok, boy i'm beginning to see why sys wants to know all about stats before believing them :lol:

but now i've stopped ;), thank god, thinking like sys, that was scary......
I did hear about the plot to kidnap Hitler. A couple of squadrons were put on standby to escort a German Transport plane in but they were not told what or why. Obviously it never happened.
The squadron involved were almost used to this as they claimed to have escorted a Ju88 nightfighter into Manston on one occaision but I have no idea how true that was.
As for the Transport I don't know. The Ju88 was said to have been flown by a German. It was in a book that I read some time ago but others may have better info as to the true story ir if it is fiction.
I got this from the current edition of a UK magazine called Aeroplane, available in WH Smiths and other newsagents

The link is just about Hitler's piulot who was allegedly going to fly him to the UK. :D

This was in 1941. If it was before Barbarossa then Hitler's successor may have proved a much better general than Hitler! Eeek :shock:

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The article you mention is actually in Aeroplane (Feb 2006) not Flypast. I know this because I wrote it:)

The gist of the story (as you'll know, but others might not) is that in December 1940 the Air Attache in Sofia was duped by a man claiming to be Baur's father-in-law into believing that Baur was prepared to defect with Hitler on board. Since I've no doubt that Baur had no such intention (and, as I made clear in the article, there are many inconsistencies in the informants story) the article focusses on the RAF's preparations for the event. The target date for the flight was March 25, but the preparations were left in place until June - most probably because of Hess' arrival on 10th May.

The most curious thing about the tale, apart from the real identity and motives of the attaches informant, is the way in which the RAF seem to have treated the whole thing as a private enterprise. I've found nothing so far to indicate that Churchill, the Chiefs of Staff or the usual intlligence bodies were brought into the picture.

Even though the basis for the whole enterprise was clearly false, it's an interesting story so I've started the wheels in motion for a Freedom of Information Act request to get the release of some additional material, which may, but I suspect doesn't exist.

Edited my post. Thanks for the interesting article :)

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