Hitler and Stalin

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I think Hitler was plainly angry. That 'red cloud' has caused countless deaths, Stalin was calculating.

I don't think killing is evil, it's human (and animal) nature. Torture and experimentation however, is.

Stalin killed to stay in power and German and Russian prospered as well as suffered under them so...

What I do know is they both had taches, tache = evil.

Hitler was also a brave soldier, Stalin wasn't.

It's like when Hitler commited suicide. Western Allies never saw his body, it was the Russians who found him. Is there any proof that he really killed himself or did the Russian found him alive and "framed-up" his murder to make it look like a suicide ? We'll never know.

Good point there. Also if he had a double and went to Argentina, but I doubt it??
The Pulqui II was from Kurt Tank and that's about all I've got.

Of course, evan, we went to the...ahem...Maldives...because the Argentinians are Nazis. But don't tell the world...
Come on people!

Evil is EVIL!

It is simple. It occures when someone or some group gain power and use it against others without regaurd for justice or respect for their humanity. It happens on small and large scales.

Hitler was absorbed with self loathing. This was the root of his hatred of the Jews. Hitler was part Jew! He was an eloquent speaker who was in the right place at the right time. The German people had been unfairly oppressed in the years after WWI and were willing to look the other way when evil was done on their behalf, and Hilter was the man they chose to act on their behalfs.

Stalin came to power through skill and ruthlessness. He recognized how to advance in Lenonist post revolutionary Soviet Communism and manipulate the flaws in that political system to attain absolute power. He then took actions which would ensure the consolidation of State power, with him at the top with total power over the State.

Which one was more evil? That is a silly question, both were equally and absolutely evil. Neither respected human rights nor had any belief in justice. It's like asking what shad of black is the darkest - black is black.


Topic, I could right do with a Topic right now.

What? You didn't mean the caramel/biscuit/chocolate bar? - oh!

Great post Lunatic. 8)

Ive got a stache and I am not evil

I grow a tache and it takes over, I'm telling you don't listen to the taches lies!

(A good way to tell is when you wake up with blood all over your hands and hear of yet another massacre on the news)


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