Holiday trip

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Feb 6, 2005
Well I'll be going to Thailand tomorrow and I won't be back until January 10th, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! :D
Hey ! Thanks for the good wishes guys !

The trip was fantastic, absolutely a great country !

Gained about 4 kg in weight from all the food, and busted my legs two days ago riding a Jet-Ski to the absolute limit for 30min on the island Koh Lan close to Pattaya - If I hadn't stretched out afterwards I think I would've had to be carried aboard the return plane :p

They have some nice Go-Go bars as-well ! :D ;)
I understand that Thai ladies is a relative term that westerners interpret to span down into the low teens.

I'm telling you some of the prostitute girls walking the streets of Pattaya were for sure no older than 13, its truly disturbing. There were alot of transvestite's as-well, and sometimes you'd have to look real close in order to see through their disguise ! *Ew !*

But walking the streets of Pattaya was also but a mere fraction of what I experienced in Thailand, but still you have to walk those streets if you want to experience Thailand fully.

Jet ski huh? MmmHmmm. :)

I swear I'm going to buy one some day, it was hallarious !! :D
well Soren glad you are back almost in one piece so to speak Thailand is a great place for what sometimes not quiet sure. but the bar girls in the Philippines are also pushing the age limit i think in the wrong direction. funny thing is Soren my wife and i were in Cebu getting family photos done. photographer was a camp as a row of army tents (HE WAS GAY Transvestite) he put make up on my wife's face for photo then if that wasn't enough he tried doing same with old craggy face me. I asked him how he liked his soup with or without a straw. He asked what did i mean. i simply told him touch me with that make up kit and you will be minus a few teeth just take the ****ing photo as is mate hahaha
Haha ! :lol:

Well I actually had a picture taken of me and a tranvestite standing together - still sends chills down my back ! It was after a show called Tiffany's, performed entirely by transvestites, they all lined up outside the theatre and people had their pictures taken with them - and ofcourse I had to join in as-well ! (Wasn't without lots of peer-pressure first though !)
Me and my army friends went to Maiorca one spring and were at this bar and my buddy started making out with this girl that he thought was hot (it was actually a dude) and we video taped it. After we showed him it was a dude, he went and puked! Man it was funny!

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