Horsa Assault Glider Plans or Scale Drawings?

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Mar 23, 2005
I plan to make a 1/35th scale diorama with the nose section of an British Airspeed Horsa Assault Glider and some British Paras that pull out a Willys Jeep from the front door.

So I'm looking for some plans or scale drawings about the Horsa Glider for my project, but have never seen plans or scale diagrams anywhere on the net.

Does anyone know of anything I could use for a scratchbuilding effort? Fortunately there are numerous photo's around now, but very little scale info. If anyone has anything that might be of help, please drop me a note at [email protected]
Here you are.Are these useful for you?

Source unknown.


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my poject is frozen for now, I hope someday in future....
Thank to all for interesting!

I think the site you listed is in French. Unfortunantly for me I do not speak or read French. Can you tell me if they sell copies of the Horsa Plan? If so, how would I go about buying a copy? Thanks for any help you can give.

Jim Walton
Columbus, Georgia
Extremely interesting! I faced the same problem a number of years ago, when I was commisioned to build a 1/35th scale diorama including a Horsa. I couldn't find anything in the way of drawings/plans (and I'm ex-Paras!), even via the Airborne Forces Museum, who have a nose and part fuselage section. The production team for the movie 'A Bridge too Far' had a similar problem at the time, and made the full-scale mock-ups by taking measurements from those sections of Horsas still extant, as a complete airframe was non-existant, and using the Italeri 1/72nd scale model (now available under the Airfix lable). I solved the problem then by doing the same, using the kit as a pattern and scaling-up a drawing; the fuselage was made from balsa frames and stringers, and covered in card, rather like the 'old fashioned' flying models.
I haven't viewed the other links, but I have looked at the profiles and plans posted by Wurger. This is the first time I have seen plans of any kind for a Horsa, so thank you Wojtek, they'll be useful for a future project I have in mind!
Hi there,

I just registered to your site, I have the feeling I can use a lot of the expertise on this site. And I will offer everything I can to help you lot out if the time comes. Thanks all for this info. I am a volunteer member of the Infocenter at the Arnhem bridge in the Netherlands. We have a Horsa model hanging from the ceiling but it is not too good a model of solid wood. Wrong paint job as well. I want to build a static model so I can replace the wooden one and I am looking for plans. I have an Italeri 1/72 box of a Hadrian but I have not found a Horsa model until now. I will try the Airfix site. I asked the Horsa assault glider trust and the French guy for plans. I will let you know if and when I will get answers.
Thanks very much for the info, just contact me if I can be of any help. I am a military modeler, mainly vehicles, who has built a Spitfire or two in plastic and now I will give balsa a try.... I know I can manage.


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