How cold is too cold to airbrush MODEL MASTER paint ?

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Nov 4, 2013
How cold is too cold to airbrush MODEL MASTER paint ?

It's 25* F outside, and about 40* in my garage

How warm does the room need to be for good results ?

Usually painting should be doing in the room temperature. It means 66-75°F. Of course it is possible to paint with less than 66°F but the one you post above isn't the proper one.
I'm getting ready to paint Model Master enamel on my back porch right now and the thermometer out there says 55F and I know I've sprayed when it was even colder, maybe as low as 45 or 50. I wouldn't try it with acrylic paints though.
On the enamel paint note.
If it's toooooo cold, the paint will blush, turn semi gloss or flat.
When I was sign painting vehicles in the cold of winter, in the 40's F, I used heat lamps around the area.
You need to keep the moisture out of the air in the cold.
Like Glenn I've used rattle can lacquers outside/garage in cold weather but I made sure the can was warm and as soon as I was no longer actively spraying I brought everything inside to dry.
:shock: I'm having visions here Bill....:evil4:

All things being equal excess heat causes paints to dry too fast and as a result a poor surface film results. In general 60F to 85F (15.5C - 29.4C) for acrylics. Above or below - mean a poor surface film. Enamels are more tolerent to low temps and you can drop to 40F (4.4C). Humidity also plays a significant role. Acrylic paints contain several solvents including water. High humidity limits water evaporation so the non-water solvents evaporate and the paint cures in a water-filled state a disaster. Very low humidity removes water too fast causing the paint to dry before cured. Again enamels are more tolerent but they will also fail under high humidity
Glenn, 6 of one a half-dozen of another, Enamels certainly give better smooth finishes but mil-models are flats. Enamels require harsher solvents both to paint and clean.
I open the tap and clean-up with water or an ocasional bit of alcohol. Personal choice as always

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