How to change a Lancaster Engine

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Jul 2, 2006
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Just in case you have to one day.


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It's funny, on all large multi engine aircraft I worked on, the principal is the same. I like this situation as your hoist is actually attached to the airframe...
The last time I was looking at the Canadian Lanc they were using a chainfall attached to a ceiling hoist
They also used Coles cranes at the airbases.

This is the "Field Expedient" method where a roof (hanger) or Crane are not available.
yes be under no illusion in practice things were rarely done by the book, i've read through the manual and there're so many gantries etc. that should've been used but often just ladders were..........
I admit it shows a lot of thought went into maintaining the aircraft in the field. Personally I don't know of any other aircraft of this type or size (exception being some seaplanes) that had the mountings on the aircraft.

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