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Jun 1, 2020

Would really appreciate any help with tracking down a clearer image of the one attached which has some important measurements for the A6M2. Am currently embarking on a 3d modelling project so the measurements will really help, also any other detailed drawings for the A6M2 would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Could anyone kindly assist with any detailed drawings/schematics/measurements of cross sections for the a6m2 fuselage? If possible would also like to know the correct angle of the cockpit framing looking head on, some 3 way drawings seem to differ between them. One drawing already on the forum included below seems pretty good but appears slightly wider and has a different angle to the 3 way drawings..With it being a 3d project i would like to get the correct angle/width early on if possible. Not sure which if any is correct.



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The measurements are accurate ones but you don't believe.
I recommend you to scratch outer lines of the fuselage first as you have obtained the 3-view drawings.
Then, compare your model with actual photos and you will understand how accurate they are.
Hi Shinpachi it looks very good to me & good to get confirmation of the accuracy thank you i was just un aware of the source for the measurements. looks like probably all available 3 way drawings are a bit out in the front view regarding the canopy angle. I did actually suspect that on the plans it seemed a bit too narrow at the top but could not find any acurate ref mtl to compare..

I added the drawing to the model and was very close just needed to move some mesh outwards under the windscreen decking to sharpen the curve at the top, below that was fine the other thing was the angle of the framing which i made wider at the top & moved the framing outwards a little. Looking at images i would say is more like it should be now. Thanks to the measurements on the other 3 way drawings things are set out pretty good and the coaming image being fairly critical to get the canopy set correctly. If you do have anything else for fuselage cross sections or cockpit would be extremely grateful..

Many thanks
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