I Flew with TAC's Top Gun

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Joe Broady

Airman 1st Class
May 30, 2019
In this Popular Mechanics article from October 1963, editor Kevin V. Brown flies in the back seat of a George AFB F-104 with Capt Charles Tofferi, winner of a fighter weapons competition at Nellis AFB.

I Flew with TAC's Top Gun

Brown mentions one of his other articles where he rode in an F-106. That one has a picture of four guys jumping up from their card game to intercept a bogie. All were playing cards while wearing partial pressure suits, including helmets. What a way to live.

You have to jump to page 178 to finish the article. In some cases the "go to page ..." is a hyperlink to make it easy, but not in this case. But you can go to the address bar in your browser, look for "pg=PA110" and change the 110 to 178.

I Chased a Bogie in a NORAD Jet

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