I see my state is in the news again

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
my happy stomping grounds of over 15 climbs to the summit and at least 60 times present on that thing of a mountain.

3 climbers lost on Mt. Hood. ever since James Kim bit the bullet here in southern Oregon the world news is grabbing everything it can and making it sensational........what are you guys hearing ??

this is actually pretty typical. 3 guys climbing the north-technical side to summit and descend the south side and get picked up at 6,000 ft at Timberline Lodge. One guy had the nerve to call on his cell phone from his snow cave asking to save his butt, but the snow avalanche danger is beyond belief, snow and rain storms with the cloud deck at base level. If it doesn't clear out and I will now share from experience ~ if the cloud deck does not rise the climbers will not get down as there are many chasms, the moraines of the glaciers drop off and those guys will fall and break their stinking necks. I pity them as I have had problems with weather on the very same side above Cooper Spur shelter. Sounds familiar some guys out for a good time did not heed the weather forecast and are trying to prove themselves invincible ............. good luck guys
if they make it Lord willing it is going to cost them their first born in finances for this rescue

v/r E ~
well the guy holed up in the snow cave has been found ......... dead. The other two and I hate to say this are probably dead of hypothermia or fallen off paradise cliffs on the SE of the Mountain, or as some have stated on a climbers forum, rapped off the north side and fell off the ride onto the Eliot Glacier 2,000 ft below .......... they may not be ever found or if they are it will be by some ice climber in the Eliot glacier crevasses.......... oh joy

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