If you only had one weapon...

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Desert Fox

Senior Airman
Jan 15, 2006
Great Southern Land
If you were thrust into the thick of battle and you were stuck in a muddy foxhole with bullets whizzing overhead, but you could only have one weapon, what would it be:?:
Um lets see I would take the M-4 Carbine. I dont think it is the greatest weapon but I would take it only because I am very very familiar with it and I am an expert shot with it.
French answer - "But Ah 'ave already only one weapon, but eet ees too painfool to cut eet off when Ah want to runne away!"
As an old Unarmed Combat Instructor explained to us.

If they use their fists, get a knife.

If they use a knife, shoot them with a pistol.

If they have a pistol, get a rifle.

If they have a rifle, get artillery.

ALWAYS hit with a bigger weapon first, and don't stop until they don't move.
One of those comms gadgets they have in Star Trek, so I can ask Mr Scott to beam me up, just in the nick of time, and then attack with the Enterprise's phasers.
I wonder if Desert Fox meant in WWII ?? If so, then the StG.44 100% !

If not, I'd probably still like to have an assault rifle, preferably from Switzerland or Germany. (The SIG-550 perhaps)

PS: I've never heard of a Harrier or A10 getting stuck in the mud ;)
Maybe we can limit it to firearms, so no Harriers or Atom Bombs, :lol:
I'd say an MG42 with a hell of a lot of ammo!

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