I'm rather mad at society

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Jan 24, 2006
Society these days is so messed up. everything is about popularity and music is all about sex and death. is this how it is in all countries? And Islam. I'd like to clear something up about Islam. Terrorists and Muslims are 2 completely different things. A lot of my Muslim brothers in the middle east would rather live in peace than wage war on the infidels. think about it. Al Qaida is evil. Islam is not. there is so much prejudice in the world too. we should find ways to live in peace instead of blowing everything up. Korea has nukes, Iran wants them and who knows how many other countries have things like that. one is going to bomb another, then all the rest will follow, and we will all die in radiation. could we at least try to live in peace? who would not agree?
Well sex sells thats all I can say.

No one here thinks that Islam = Terrorism, however something you have to admit is, where do the most terrorists come from? The Middle East and muslim countries. Im sorry but that majority makes it hard not to worry about it and point the finger. If these countries did not support it, then they would do something to stop it in there own country. It has been this way for decades.

Now having said that, do I have a problem with people because they are Islamic no. I have muslim, jewish, christian and wiccan friends. We all get along. I dont like people because of the way they choose to live there life.
well, I see your piont. Unfortunately, here in America we welcome all kinds of racist people. my least fav would have to be the nazis.

peace be with you
If u stop worrying about the innocent and peaceful Islamics and Muslims of the World, the murderous and chickenshit Radicals will take u out in a heartbeat....

It's sad to say this, but I am extremely wary of every single Middle Eastern looking or sounding individual I run across, and will be to the day I die.... I look at them with suspicion and follow them as I would on any target aquisition... I look for bulges in their clothing and watch their eyes VERY closely, because u can see a mans soul through his eyes..... He will give away his intentions if ur looking for them.... That additional few seconds makes a difference between being a victim and being the hero....

I have been there before, as have a couple of other guys here....
To be honest I view everyone suspiciously, but I am paranoid, damn it where did I put my foil hat...


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