Interesting site on aircraft of the Spanish Civil War

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a very comprihensive list, more nations than i thought found their aircraft over there even if only by ones and twos in some cases.........
Maintenance on all these types must have been a logistical nightmare!
Interesting site, though.
So Germany was using the Spanish Civil War as a testing ground for its equipment was it? Quite interesting I knew that but I didn't know that any or many familiar planes now had been around then. Adds some interest to the defeat of those who didn't want Franco in, in Spain.
Frank Tinker...

Welcome to Frank G. Tinker, Jr. Tribute Page


He shot down 2 Bf 109s in this aircraft. Photos from Winkipedia
Nice site.

As a matter of interest, AFAIK the He 112 V6 was the only plane ever to be fitted with the 20mm MG C/30L cannon. This was a huge, high-velocity beast, much more powerful than the MG 151/20, let alone the MG-FF. It was originally intended to arm the Bf 109, but it was decided that it was too heavy and slow-firing for aerial combat. But with AP ammo it would have punched through the tanks of the SCW era with no problem at all.

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