Iran, but in dark version ...

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Chief Master Sergeant
Aug 27, 2017
Tehran, Iran
Before joining in the conversation, please read below, completely.

First of all, I'm not a writer at all. I try to translate some post / comments from social media and some news that are not covered in mass media.

Second, most of things here are either translation of comments in social medias (mostly Instagram, then YT and Tweeter) and my personal experience.

Third, I'm forced to cover almost any signs that might help to identify the real / cyber identity of the people.

Fourth, I try to stay out of Political / religious speeches and put my focus on Cultural / Historical events and translation of those comments. I sincerely ask you to follow the same path. If you have any question about the two forbidden subjects, you can ask in PM, it's always open and I try to answer in shortest possible time.

Fifth, never cross "RED LINES" of our community. Never mess up with moderating team.
Avoiding politics, no matter the nationality, generally helps the amity of any forum.

Another general rule that folks should remember is "don't be a dick". That's not a problem at this forum, but we have all found places where this is honored only in the breach.

WW2A is actually one of the most civil forums I've truly enjoyed.

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