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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
This is mostly for Canadian/U.S. members and is not meant to be about the virus or political. Okay...its kind of about the virus but its mostly about something I was never aware of. I was reading a CBC article just now and was floored. I was stunned. The aforementioned members are probably all aware of the historical survey nightmare (and a few other issues) that gave us Point Roberts. For the rest of the forum...Point Roberts was created when the United Kingdom and the United States settled the Pacific Northwest American-Canadian border dispute in the mid-19th century with the Oregon Treaty. Both parties agreed the 49th parallel would delineate both countries' territories, but they overlooked the small area that incorporates Point Roberts (south of the 49th parallel). Questions about ceding the territory to the United Kingdom and later to Canada have been raised since its creation but its status has remained unchanged. Point Roberts....


And from the CBC article, Northwest Angle, U.S. of A., created by surveying errors stretching back more than 200 years ...


Always learning....
I have just spent two weeks in the Australian equivalent - Tweed heads NSW. Why the hell they made the border a series of straight lines for the last few miles/km to the sea instead of making the border the river is beyond me. Typical public service stupidity. The border Covid checkpoint was about 100 metres from my hotel and NSW has DST but QLD does not so they are in different time zones which is a real problem when you have medical appointments both sides of the border and there is a long queue at that border post. Coolangatta Airport has its runway in NSW and terminal in QLD.
What a cluster cluck

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