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To conclude the sword topic,
If your sword is precious one, this kind of wooden sword case with no paint, 白鞘(shiro-saya), is said necessary to protect the blade from the moisture and rust.


Source: 刀の白鞘作成(2尺4寸迄)
A Russian guy, Vaas Feniks Nokard (39), who swam 24km from an island of Kuril's to Hokkaido to exile in last August says "My decision was correct" yesterday.

Vaas Feniks Nokard.jpg

Source: ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp1z3o7ZoyM

Vaas Feniks Nokard
Thanks Wojtek.
I think he is lucky as our government will not try to deport him anymore under the situation.
According to his testimony introduced on August 25, 2021,
He worked for FSB to provide information about Japan and S.Korea.
He was tired of it and moved to Kunashiri Island 3 years ago.
As he had known FSB would come to his island, he felt threat and left the island to exile this time.


Source: ★国後島から来たロシア人・面会取材一問一答~改名・パスポート没収の画像

Other sources tell -
With no passport, he attempted escape for Poland in the summer of 2021
He forged his own ID documents in Thai and Bali a decade ago...

Japanese authorities were going to deport him sooner or later.
There is a USAF base in Misawa in NE Japan. I believe Shinpachi thought the balloons might have been based there. I went to the air museum there. It is very nice.
Yes, I had doubted Misawa :)

Another JGSDF's vehicle has fallen from a bridge earlier today with one injured.
When the military tension rises, there seem to be more accidents IMO.


Source: 高島市 自衛隊トラックが転落 1人重体
A recent popular pic in Twitter as it reminds people of an old witty conversation between a load and a monk

Load: "Can you catch the tiger in the paint?"
Monk: "Yes, of course. Please kick it out first"


Source: 「やっと出られた」感がすごい 一休さんも仰天必至なニャンコの写真に大反響


Source: 新旧のアートを堪能する! 京都定期観光バスでめぐる「京の冬の旅」|そうだ 京都、行こう。

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