A Japanese Purchased a Zero in the U.S.

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You should have been at Chino in 2012. The one just purchased is the one on the left. This was something I may never see again in my lifetime.

A Shotai of Type Zero Fighters.... Absolutely Beautiful!

Nihongo wakarimasen.
(Hope I got that right.)
- Ivan.
I hope Skip Holm could give some interview about his impression with the aircraft. Would be very nice to hear an experienced pilot talking about the flight.
No special comments of Mr Holm at the moment but "I enjoyed smooth flight".
One more video from Kyodo News.

Thanks for your post, Hiromachi :thumbleft:
Say Hello to Nakamura san :)
A Japanese media scoops a Japanese pilot, namely Kazuaki Yanagida (66), flying the Zero in the U.S. to take license.


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