Japan and Japanese

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Japanese food in LA.
This is not Japanese cuisine but Japanese-style American dish with higher calory.
Price looks double but volume also looks double to triple.


View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzYDStd-JGo
Public phones are also must-tool by law in the street. A certain number must be maintained for the emergency use.


Why public phones are necessary

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Imperial souvenir goods seem to be availabe at a shop in the Palace Garden but the way to purchase is limited.
1. Visit the shop
2. Order by phone or facsimile
Order by internet is not available.
Time seems to be stopping here and there.

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or their internet provider is the Australian governments nbn - known as the nightmare bloody network by its many victims.

Faxes are still used by a lot of medical people in Aus for security

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