JG6 Squadron Insignia

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Oct 22, 2005
Hello All...

Is there anyone out there who may happen to have a pic of the German JG/6 insignia? I am putting together a webpage and it would help me greatly.

Here ya go...


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Les that looks like an old JG 52 to me bud..........

JG 6 is unknown at least to me and not all the Fw 190's or Doras had the red/white/red fuselage band in 1945.

forget the website until John Manhro/Axel Urbanke have finished their book on the unit, that way no speculation about anything ...........

verstehen ?

Looks simular to the one ZG26, except the black is a dark red.

Erich it says in the link from Oct 44. When did JG52 go to the vertical split shield with sword?
your right it is ex ZG 26. Actually Christoph has some of his emblems incorrect and I just sent him corrections for two of them Les. I really do not think JG 6 had a wappenshiled for the GEschwader, but again my personal two cents on the subject
Also KK am not sure about the shield as to time frame with the sword for JG 52. I've had my mind so stuck in the Riechs defence units from the 1980's and never really pursued more of what was on the Ost front until 1945 when everyone seemed to be fighting to keep Berlin open .......... always learning we are !

I should have included that JG6 was formed late in the war, and consisted primarily of the remaining(or shall I say surviving) members of ZG26, a BF110 squadron.

Thanks for the help guys!

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