Ju-88 exterior lights help

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Apr 5, 2021

I am helping someone re create a model ju88 and I'm working on the coding for the exterior lights and motors.

I would like to know location, colour and sequence of any external lights (landing/recognition e.t.c)

Thanks in advance

There is a Ju88-R1 nightfighter in the RAF Museum Cosford where I am a one of the volunteers (when it's open) and this has a clear plastic tube running under the rear fuselage behind the bomb bay.

This purpose of this tube has caused us much speculation and the best we can determine is that it probably was for Identification lights although at rear of the aircraft they would be less visible on approach.

The tube can be seen in this photo taken when the aircraft was first flown by the RAF after it had been surrendered in Scotland - a very interesting history to this aircraft.

We will investigate to see if there is any wiring etc feeding this tube when the Museum reopens but of course the airframe has repainted since it

Sorry not able to be of more help at the moment.

Perhaps somebody else has an idea of the use for this tube?

As memo serves, the clear tube is the cover of the FuBI 2 antenna. The early aerial was just a two-piece wire attached there with racks. The cover has nothing in common with the lights I would say.

fubi2 newer.jpg


the old one...

fubi2 old_.jpg

the pic source: the internet.
Yippee allowed back in the museum yesterday to help prepare everything for reopening to the public next week so had a chance to slide under the Ju-88 to have a closer look.

Yes I agree with you - the tube is not related to the lights at all it gives aerodynamic protection to a simple centre fed dipole aerial .

Here are a couple of pics of it and in the last one you can see two insulated feed points
Greeat shots. :cool: THX for posting. :thumbright:
Thanks Wurger...

BTW. We have your name sake in our collection its the top half of a Mistel combination captured in Aalborg Danemark an Anton 8 model.

Also we have a Me-410, a Me-109 G a Me-162 and a Me 262 in addition to this Ju-88 night fighter and Fiesler Storch.
These together with the 3 Japanese aircraft means that the British aircraft are outnumbered in an RAF Museum :)
Rodd, did your guys get the FW190 tail wheel cable sorted ?
When I was there around three years ago, some of the guys working on the FW allowed me up close to get some detail shots of the main gear, and I mentioned the mounting points for the cable that runs to the tail wheel, with the cable missing.
A couple of hours later, one of the guys found e, and told me they'd found the linkage in the rear fuselage, and were very thankful for my help, as they weren't aware of this !
Crimea-River. Oops, sorry finger trouble we have both a Me-163 and a Me-262a at Cosford but no Heinkel just a very corroded Do-17 not on public display.

Airframes. I was one of those guys and remember your visit well, sadly no not yet completed the work on the tail wheel retraction mechanism but it is on going but with CV-19 closures and restrictions we are only just reopening, we'll get there.
Thanks again for your help that day.
Now there's a coincidence !
Great to "meet" you again, and thanks for allowing me to crawl round under the FW, and glad to be of some help, even if only minor.
I'm hoping to get down to the museum again, possibly this year, now that restrictions are lifting a bit, so maybe we'll bump into each other again.


Hi Terry,
You will be most welcome... If its on a Tuesday I'll probably be in the Museum, the other 2 guys with me (Pat and Martin) also do Thursdays.

It was a shame work stopped on the Fw-190 but we got taken off to help finish off the Ju-88 installation and then to dismantle the Me-410 so it could be moved out
into the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre (MBCC) for some much needed repair work. This work was carried out by the MBCC team during lockdown (socially distanced of course) and the aircraft is now back in Hangar 3 on public display. The 190 tail wheel is still on our To Do list..
Good stuff Rodd, especially about the '410.
Not sure when I'll get down there again, but hopefully it'll be some time this summer. If you stay around on the forum, I'll let you know when I'm going, as it would be nice to meet up again.
Karl and I would be more than happy to take you there Andy, and you'll sure enjoy it.
Access, and lighting, is much better than Hendon, and as you've seen from Rodd's contributions, the staff are very. very helpful and accommodating.
If / when you get over here next, we must arrange to get together and go there, maybe staying overnight locally, and have a beer or two, or three, or ..............

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