Lancaster turret wiring etc.

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Jun 28, 2013
Hi guys,

I am in preparation to build HK Models new 1/32 Lancaster and after looking through the kit and while I am waiting for Eduard etc to catch up with detail sets I would like to add wiring and hydraulic details to the turrets as the glass in the kit means that you can see quite a lot in the turrets.

I already have Master's barrel set and so if anyone has a wiring diagram/pictures of what goes where for all the turrets then I will be grateful for the information. FN manuals and maintainance manuals would be nice if they are out there somewhere!

Thanks in advance



Nov 16, 2008
Frazer Nash FN 121 Tail Turret

Note that the FN121 is a late war automatic gun laying turret that worked with Village Inn radar. The FN 20, used on most Lancs was very similar. I also posted pictures of the front turret in the thread posted by Geo above.
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