Last airshow of the year at Duxford

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Dec 20, 2003
Ipswich, Suffolk
The Autumn airshow is taking place on Sunday I shall be going and weather permiting attempting to take some videos and pictures
below is a list of the display aircraft and the link is for the museum so if there is anything special you want a snap of have a browse, let me know and I'll do my best to get it for you.

Aircraft flying
USAF F15E Pair
USAF KC-135 flypast
Cassutt Racer x2 Cosmic Wind
Percival Pembroke
Gloster Meteor
P51 Mustang x3 P40 Kittyhawk
DC3 Pair
de Havilland Leopard Hornet Moths
T28 Pair
Tigercat, Bearcat,
Hellcat Corsair
RAF Hawk
Red Bull Sukhoi Duo
RN Black Cats Lynx Pair
Aerostars Yak Formation Team
Yak 52 x 5, Yak 50 x 1
F86 Sabre T33 Shooting Star
RAF C130 Hercules Tac Demo
Spitfires x 7

Statics on the flight line
Extra 300 (tbc)
Bucker Bessman
You bet yer Evan Im really looking forward to see the Trojans.
Not seen a meteor in the flesh airbourne Gn so that will be cool as well.
That Tiger Cat is a real hum dinger CC it gave a sweet show at the Legends event and the forecast is for light winds and sunny periods so with any luck should be a great display.
Always a room available Eric no sweat.
Just doing a comparison test guys WMV against Mpeg ready for Duxford tomorrow


  • tiger_cat_558.wmv
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Cheers GN
Well the weather was nearly perfect apart from everything was back lite by the sun but a good show was had by all unfortunatley the Meteor and the Wildcat had problems so did'nt make an apperance and Evan you asked me to get the F15's tail marking's unfortunatly they only made 2 passes and so quick that most of the time all you could do was hear them but the commentator mention that both they and the tanker that made flew over where from your old haunt of Lakenheath.
I am a bit busy this week (my boy decided to go Paint Balling and broke his femur falling down a hill 60 miles from home so the hostpital visits are going to be a pain in the arse) but I will post my shots as I finish resizing them and editing the pics videos.
Heres a couple for starters


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Lovely pictures, Lee. You didn't say "break a leg" before he went, did you?
I reckon someone took it a little too serious and ran out of ammo, then proceeded to beat Lee's child with a stick. ...I wasn't there, honest ...
You would prefer to beat me with a stick D I still won't learn anything, they tried doing it when I was at school.
Anyway a few more snaps from the Autumn Show last Sunday.


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