Last airshow of the year at Duxford

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Thanks Evan Gnomey


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More nice pics Lee.

Hope you do not mind Lee but here are some of my shots of SM845 at Leuchars.


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Agreed Evan GNs shots are great, personally I think SM845 is one of the best presented Spitfires around the attention to detail makes her a gorgeous plane to look at.
Having not seen them before I did'nt realise those T28's where so noisy they sound like dump trucks but I still think there a great plane.
Yep, Lee, the T-28s are noisy airplanes, but what a sound! That is the same engine as a B-17, by the way. We have a dozen of them at Camarillo and it is quite often you see a pair of them going out for a flight. On some occasions, you will see a flight of four. They always do a nice formation fly-past when coming in to land.
I have a couple of clips of the T 28's that I'll post once cleaned up a bit.

----F**K-----B*lls----B****ks---------well that was easy -----NOT

The first version is normal size and a big file , the second is in real player with no sound to keep the file small


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