LF Models decals-use only acrylic clear?

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von hahn

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Aug 2, 2008
Hi all,

I just bought a sheet of LF Models decals (the sheet contains Dunlop logos for a Spitfire I plan to make) and on the instructions it warns that one must only use acrylic clear and 'not synthetic' clear.

The problem is that I only use enamels (usually Humbrol enamels, over which I spray a coat of Tamiya TS13 gloss clear before applying decals with a setting solution and then finishing it off with a light spray of Humbrol matt enamel clear.

Has anyone used LF Models decals with enamel clear coats before? Did they work? What possible damage can the above cause to decals? I've never had a problem before?

It's possible that the printing process used, perhaps screen printing, would be susceptible to solvent-based varnishes.
You already have the Tamiya acrylic gloss varnish - use this mixed with Tamiya Flat Base (not Flat Clear) to obtain an acrylic matt varnish. You'll need to add a small amount toe the gloss, mixed in a suitable small container, and then test it on something to see how it dries. If it shows a chalky appearance, or grey streaks, then too much FB has been used - add more gloss. If it dries gloss, or semi-gloss, then add a touch more FB, again testing, until the correct mix is achieved.
Alternatively, you could use Tamiya Flat Clear, or any other similar acrylic, just for these small areas, which could even be brushed on, using your normal, enamel varnish for the rest of the model.
I don't think there can be any problem with the decals and the Humbrol oily enamel clear coat. The most of troubles that can happen to decal markings aren't caused by clear coats but the thinners used for their diluting or liquids for their better getting settled.. I haven't heard the Humbrol coats and thinners did that so far.
Thank you everyone. I spoke to my local hobby shop today and they suggested the reason why there is a warning to only use acrylic gloss and matt clear coats could be due to these decals being designed to be used on rubber or plastic (they are Dunlop tyre logo decals)...makes sense I guess?

I will experiment first with a spare decal on some waste sprue.

I only use the 'rattle can' Tamiya ts13 enamel gloss clear and Humbrol enamel matt clear so I don't use thinners at all.

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