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    Hello, I wonder if anyone would find this little project of mine entertaining.
    Main idea is about using cards with fighters from the first half of WW2 for a game. Deck of cards is divided randomly between players. The goal is to win all cards from the opponent.
    The core of the game is about comparing parameters of cards, guessing in which area one card is better than other.
    I played this kind of game at school with my friends. Cards were hand-made by myself, drew from books and magazines. It started with guns, than were also modern planes, WWII planes, helicopters, tanks... We have quite a lot fun with it. Java ME platform seemed a logical, modern approach to this idea. Cell-phone is quite a good tool for this kind of game.
    GOAL: The project is made for fun mainly. I intended to get some experience in Java ME and make something totally different then my current occupation as Oracle database developer in hospital information system project.
    Basic rules of the game.
    DUEL: attacking player chooses the best parameter from his current card and asks the defending player about that parameters value on his current card. Greater value wins, with exception of weight and size. When values are equal, defender becomes attacker and chooses his parameter to ask. The winner puts both cards on the bottom of his deck.
    OPENED HAND: If player has 3 or less cards, any of these can be chosen to attack/defend.
    FAST MODE: With each duel players switch their roles, regardless of duels outcome. Lost cars are discarded from the game. Permanent opened hand, limited to 2 cards.
    SPECIAL CARDS: belongs to a set, chosen before beginning of the game. They have influence on parameters of the cards. Appears randomly.
    Images and descriptions are based on Wikipedia.
    Game can be downloaded from MobileRated: jcFighters39 - Download Free Mobile Phone Games from MobileRated
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    Thought this would be the place to put this. If any of you guys/girls have an iphone/ipod touch/ipad, this is a great little game to play. It's basically a jet dogfighting game. Download is free but I will admit that you do have to spend money to buy extras. However, I downloaded it recently on my ipod touch and had endless hours of fun without spending a penny. Let me know what you think.

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