Lockheed is awarded Nasa contract

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"A consortium led by Lockheed Martin will build the next spaceship to take humans to the Moon.

Nasa has awarded a multi-billion-dollar contract to the group to develop the Orion vehicle, which will replace the space shuttle when it retires in 2010.

The agency is dropping the shuttle's winged, reusable design and is going back to the capsule-style ships that first carried Americans into orbit.

Lockheed Martin beat a joint bid from Northrop Grumman and Boeing.

The first Orion vehicles should fly in 2014 or soon after.

They will launch aboard one-time-use, ¿single stick¿ rockets, called Ares, that Nasa is developing. "

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Lockheed is awarded Nasa contract
sorry to say the way things are going in the mid-east NASA will be buidling rockets for war. Vacations to the moon are out unless we send a few world leaders on a one way trip ..........
how interesting, i was under the impression you yanks weren't planning any more moon trips... either way Erich is right there must be some military application in their minds.......
The whole NASA and moon thing is just silly. We're taking a giant leap backwards. We're applauding a retro 1950s "space capsule" that will be launched using rocket technology designed in the 1930s/40s as the ancient "shuttle" fleet creaks and groans from age.

What they should have been refining over the years since Apollo is a true space vehicle which can alight into orbit and land with power. Until they do that we're just flinging turds into the air.

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