Looking for detailed statistics of aircraft losses

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May 26, 2023

I am looking for detailed statistics for aircraft losses in WW2. Ideally nation, theater, type, cause. Anything in that direction helps. Can you recommend books or websites that provide good statistics?

Also: I find it quite confusing me that Canada, South Africa and other commonwealth countries had their own air force, but they also served in the british RAF. So are some losses of these countries counted seperately, or are they considered sub-branches of the RAF?
I can also offer something. This is a great study about the German losses and allocation of aircraft and AA-guns at the main fronts. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll never find realiable data on lesser important fronts, like Yugoslavia or Greece

And this is a nice breakdown of the American losses:


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The USAAF Statistical Digests have basic loss figures, monthly by type, to fighters, flak, other. USAF STATISTICS The 1945 one covers 1940 to not quite end 1945, there is a supplement.

USN air combat https://www.history.navy.mil/conten...s/naval-aviation/aviation-monographs/nasc.pdf

USSBS IJNAF losses, exhibit O-46, USSBS Interrogation of Japanese Officials, monthly by class of aircraft, operational and non operational, so for example in December 1941, 44 fighters lost in combat, 32 operational losses. There are some translations of Japanese official histories but limited, like Senshi Sōsho

RAFCommands – The meeting place for RAF researchers and https://www.lancasterbombers.net/ has a lot of RAF loss data but not in statistical form, there are many other sites around with similar formats, like those dedicated to individual units.

The Strategic Air Offensive Against Germany by Webster and Frankland has Bomber Command loss data, like most official histories, look for online copies. https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/UN/index.html for example.

Published multi volume studies,

LOSSES OF THE US 8th and 9th AIR FORCES series, Stan D Bishop, John A Hey MBE, Gerrie Franken and Marco Cillessen.
Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War, W R Chorley, includes training units.
RAF Fighter Command Losses, N L Franks but usually excludes accidents.
RAF Coastal Command Losses R McNeill, series incomplete.
RAF Bomber Losses in the Middle East & Mediterranean, D Gunby and P Temple, again series currently incomplete,
Nachtjagd War Diaries, T Boiten.
Mediterranean Air War series by Shores et al, combat losses daily, both sides.
Fighter Command War Diaries, J Foreman.
The after the battle, then and now series, France 1940, Battle of Britain, Blitz (but really bombing of England.)
Black Cross Red Star, C Bergstrom et al.
From Barbarossa to Odessa, D Bernad, D Karlenko, J Roba.

Bomber Command War Diaries, M Middlebrook and C Everitt
Mighty Eighth War Diary, R Freeman.
Day Fighters in defense of the Reich 1942-45, D Caldwell.
Six months to Oblivion, W Gerbig.
Luftwaffe Strategy for Defeat, W Murray
Phoenix Triumphant and Eagle in Flames, E R Hooton.

And so on, the ones above mostly from what I recently consulted. Lots of books have loss data for the specific time and area they are writing about, like Bloody Biscay by C Goss, The Narrow Margin, D Wood and D Dempster has RAF losses May to October 1940 as well as daily loses for the July onwards period.

Then come various publications the air forces make available on their web site or sites like https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/AAF/AAFHS/ https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/AUPress/ many available for download.

The RAAF, RCAF, RNZAF and SAAF units operating against axis forces in Europe, Northern Africa and CBI would be counted in the RAF loss figures, operating out of their own countries and in the Pacific theatre would not.

As well there are the Brazilian, Mexican, French and Italian units operating with the allies and the axis allied powers.

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