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Apr 15, 2023
Hello!, I am a retired C-5A/B Crew chief (A lil over 20 years). I just purchased a 4 door jeep wrangler and as crazy as it sounds, am giving her a name as did many WWII crews did their aircraft. We have come up with "The Veteran", since it is aircraft silver, using the red, white and blue stars and bars on the back doors and on the front doors the nose art from the B-25 "In The Mood". This is two fold, as I love the music of Major Glen Miller that my father turned me on to, and keeping with the motif of my jeep AKA "The Veteran". Can anyone tell me if the nose art has a copyright or where to look for that information? I will need this when I go to the graphics shop for them to design and print the large scale decals. Thank you for your help and Thank you for your service protecting this great nation.
God bless you and the USA
Nose art is good to go. Only disney ones can be a problem.
Awesome thanks so much. I hope the sign shop doesn't have an issue as I will be talking to them this week. Have a safe and Blessed day! Thanks for your reply

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